We arrived in Kalami in July 2006 and were dropped off at the top of the hill and had to walk down into the bay. What a superb place, 3 tavernas and 2 ish bars, however just jump on the boat and Nikolas Taverna awaits you. The beauty of this place is there are no loud lager louts. We made so many friends and our son who was 7 at the time had the time of his life. Please don’t tell too many people about Kalami I want to keep it to myself !!!!! 5 weeks on Monday we will be there again, unfortunately only for a week, but 5 weeks later we will be having 3 weeks of bliss there again shortly followed by another week in October. The food in Kalami bay is very good but the food in Nikolas taverna is outstanding . Cant wait and lucky for us we met Irene who is the booking agent in England for Kalami tourist board. LUCKY US !!!!!! Well worth a visit. Beats the Carribean any day at a fraction of the cost and better still no jet lag. !!!!! Hope we don’t see too many of you there. Only joking ! NOT.

Julie at Oswaldtwistle