Lord Karrington, his grandson and Pericles in the middle

Pericles and “James Bond” Roger Moore

Sunday Express – 14.07.1996
Neil Mackwood : “My favourite Taverna Nikolas at Agni bay, near Kalami”

The Mail On Sunday – 7.7.1996
” In the Nikolas Taverna in Agni, we had one of the finest meals we’ ve ever been served. As we ate sublime feta cheese, fried peppers and aubergines, CV Travel’s Corfu agent told me how, as a child he had been taught English by Theo’s sister.”

The Guardian – 20.03.2004
” On around the bay, ignoring the catamarans and ostentatious cruisers, we get to Agni. Waiters run out along the jetty to tie up the boat. Taverna Nikolas is the cheeriest of the three restaurants in the cove. Perikles the third generation owner, comes over to talk about olive presses, bread ovens and the once illegal, night trade with Albania just over the water. The food is terrific:chicken, salads, kalamari, fried aubergines. “

Travel: Gerald Durrell’s Corfu